Insulated Pipe Supports, Hangers & Saddles

Competitive pricing and a huge inventory mean you can order just-in-time instead of storing materials for future use. And every order is carefully packaged in strong boxes so your order arrives in good condition.

Product pricing is listed right on our spec sheets — part of our commitment to upfront business practices.


  • Quickest turnaround in the industry
  • Over 75,000 insulated pipe supports in stock
  • Next day shipping on stock items
  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices
  • Superior Packaging
  • Free shipping on orders over $5,000

Our Products

T1000 Calsil
T1000 Phenolic
T2000 Calsil
T2000 Phenolic
T3000 Calsil
T3000 Phenolic
T4000 Calsil
T4000 Phenolic
Calsil Inserts
Phenolic Inserts
Outside Diameter Chart

All models have the option of being made with 5 types of insulation