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Therma-Phen® phenolic foam pipe insulation with ASJ/SSL and a two-piece steel shield that covers the entire circumference of the insert. Insulation insert is 2” longer than the 360-degree coverage shield. This allows for improved adhesion of field-applied SSL tape to the vapor retarder of the adjacent pipe insulation providing a more predictably sealed system which is critical for below ambient process piping.”
Temperature Range
0°F to 210°F
Phenolic Foam per ASTM C1126 Type III
5/8″ to 2.5″ = 32+ PSI- At Load Point
3″ to 6″ = 85+ PSI- At Load Point
8″ to 12″ = 135+ PSI- At Load Point
Vapor Retarder
ASJ+ (All Service Jacket) per ASTM C1136
SSL (Self Sealing Lap) tape on circumferential joints
G90 Galvanized Steel ASTM A-527

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