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“TPSX-12® water resistant calcium silicate pipe insulation with ASJ/SSL and a two-piece steel shield that covers the entire circumference of the insert. Insulation insert is 2” longer than the 360-degree coverage shield. This allows for improved adhesion of field-applied SSL tape to the vapor retarder of the adjacent pipe insulation providing a more predictably sealed system which is critical for below ambient process piping.”
Temperature Range
0 to 1200°F
Filter pressed calcium silicate per ASTM C533 Type I
200+ psi compressive strength
Twice the ASTM C533 minimum requirement (100 psi)
Treated with water repellent to shed bulk water
Vapor Barrier
ASJ (All Service Jacket) per ASTM C1136
SSL (Self Sealing Lap) tape on circumferential joints
G90 Galvanized Steel ASTM A-527

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