TPSX-12 Calsil and Fittings

TPSX-12™ Calcium Silicate Pipe and Block Insulation


TPSX-12 is a filter pressed, high-temperature, water-resistant calcium silicate (calsil) pipe and block insulation manufactured by BEC Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, imported exclusively by Thermal Pipe Shields Inc. and sold through their nationwide network of distribution partners.
Third party verified to meet or exceed all physical property requirements in accordance with ASTM C533 Type I.
Engineered to protect industrial piping and equipment operating continuously at temperatures up to 1200℉ (650℃).
Contains integral inorganic silicate chemistry to inhibit corrosion under insulation (CUI)
The filter pressing process provides on average twice as much compressive strength vs. the ASTM minimum requirement and is much stronger than North American molded calsil.

Product Data Sheet
Technical Bulletin

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TPS is the exclusive import broker for BEC Industrial which produces TPSX-12™

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