STANWOOD–(PR Newswire)–Effective immediately, Thermal Pipe Shields (TPS), a privately held mechanical insulation supply company with three generations of industry engagement dating back to 1942, is announcing an exclusive agreement reached to provide nationwide distribution of the first new water resistant calcium silicate (calsil) mechanical insulation to enter the North American market: TPSX-12™. This exclusive supply agreement was recently finalized with BEC Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in a bold move to break up the current monopoly paradigm due to market consolidation which has left a single source manufacturer in North America.

Jeffrey Heckman, who founded TPS in 1995, shares the history surrounding this disruptive innovation to the industrial insulation market. “My experience as an insulator in the field gave me the motivation to start TPS. I would make the calsil insulated pipe supports in my parent’s garage. My wife, Jennifer, would deliver them to the contractors in Seattle and then pick up more calsil insulation on the way home. It doesn’t get anymore mom & pop than that!” Up until today, TPS was solely focused as an OEM fabricator of pre-insulated pipe supports widely used for both hot and cold process piping within the commercial mechanical construction market. Jeff and his team grew the company to become the largest supplier of insulated pipe supports in Western North America.

This new agreement with BEC is the next logical step in the growth trajectory for this true American success story. Heckman continues, “Over the years, I’ve bought calsil from 6 different factories, but consolidation over time limited the supply down to only one North American manufacturer. It doesn’t take a degree in economics to know what happens to the price of anything in a monopoly. As a small business owner, I had no choice but to search the world over for a competitive calsil at a lower price.”

Calsil insulation has a 45+ year history as the workhorse of the industrial insulation market which involves high temperature piping, tanks and equipment operating up to 1200℉ within large industrial facilities such as oil refineries, chemical and power generation plants and pulp and paper mills. In 2004, the North American monopoly supplier at the time formed a joint venture with the owners of a Shanghai calsil insulation factory which had been operating since 1987, and imported product which was sold under their well known North American brand name. In 2014, that same factory was purchased by a new owner and renamed BEC Industrial, but unlike the former factory owners, BEC made no such U.S. based JV agreement and therefore had no established distribution channels into the large North American market. BEC Industrial is uniquely positioned among worldwide calsil insulation manufacturers because of their experienced staff and well-established history of producing a higher quality 3’ long material by using an advanced corrosion inhibiting formula and unique filter pressing process specifically designed to satisfy the more stringent North American market requirements which must meet or exceed all physical properties in accordance with ASTM C533 type I.

Zhong Yongbao, Chairman of BEC, explained his decision to partner with TPS. “Unlike the previous factory owners that had a historical joint venture agreement, we were left with no other alternative except to pursue our own path to bring BEC factory product back into the large North American industrial insulation market. We are very happy to announce this strong partnership with TPS and have committed a significant amount of factory capacity to ensure the mutual success of both parties.”

As part of this expansion, TPS also announces a strategic leadership acquisition to grow the newly formed industrial insulation division. David Shong, formerly Western Regional Technical Manager for the sole source North American calsil manufacturer, has joined TPS as Vice President of Industrial Business Development & Technical Services. Mr. Heckman explains, “David brings a wealth of technical product knowledge, broad industry relationships, respected reputation and a tenacious work ethic. We feel David will bring a high level of credibility to our new industrial insulation business.” Mr. Shong feels tremendous passion towards the industrial insulation market and is well-known as a “straight shooter” among his clients, which include mechanical engineers, plant operators, insulation contractors and material distribution companies.

TPS will be distributing an official calsil insulation market launch announcement to their existing customer base which includes the five largest mechanical insulation distribution companies in America. This separate announcement will provide full details and invite them to expand their existing relationship with TPS to now include calsil industrial insulation.


Thermal Pipe Shields

David Shong, CIEA

Vice President of Industrial Business Development & Technical Services

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Mobile: +1.435.256.3227


Company Website: Thermal Pipe Shields


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