Expanded Perlite (EP-12) Product Launch Announcement

TPS is proud to announce a new product line has been added to our offerings!  Introducing TPS EP-12™ expanded perlite pipe and block insulation.  We have observed a marked increase in material specifications calling for expanded perlite per ASTM C610 around North America due to its historical success in mitigating CUI and ESCC in the hot and humid climate of the U.S. Gulf Coast.  

 TPS’s mission is to identify distinct, underserved product markets for mechanical insulation and then to seek out the BEST quality versions of those generic products wherever they are manufactured around the world.   We then independently vet and test them at third party U.S labs in order to market them as TPS branded products to our nationwide network of distribution partners.

 TPS EP-12™ expanded perlite is no exception!  We believe it is the BEST perlite we have seen and provides a significant improvement on many of the strength related physical properties that have historically increased the cost of use for domestic perlite insulations due to high breakage rates in transit.  This product meets/exceeds all the physical property requirements of ASTM C610 and is produced to the dimensional tolerances of ASTM C585.  Additionally, because the pipe and block sections are 24” long this allows for much lighter sections and carton weights to reduce worker fatigue.  In fact, TPS perlite pipe cover is available from ½ x 1 up to 60 x 4 with all pipe sizes available in 1” wall! (others stop at 6 x 1)  All SKU’s fit into a SINGLE carton size which increases volume per truckload and makes stocking the product in warehouses or jobsites much more efficient.

 Learn more about our new expanded perlite product on our new website focused on our mechanical insulations that are commonly used in industrial facilities as well as within commercial buildings. 

Learn more https://tps-industrial-insulations.com/products/expanded-perlite/

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